Exclusive Personalized What's She Thinking Game

Published by admin on 2012-04-09 in bridal shower games

Sometimes songs and movies can be the best way to express exactly how you're feeling—and what you're thinking. That's why our What's She Thinking game is so popular. With designs exclusive to Beau-coup, these game cards are a special way to add a little fun to your day. Choose between 4 unique designs to suit the theme of the shower: cakes, a dress, wedding rings, or a shower umbrella. Personalized each card with text up to 50 characters.

Whether she had a "Lady and the Tramp" moment when the groom was way underdressed at an event or "Unforgiven" came to mind the first time her future hubby forgot her birthday, it's up to the guests to guess—and up to the bride to decide. The guest with the most correct song and movie title matches wins! Play this five-minute game with as many guests as you'd like; instructions and fill-in answer sheet are included. Game cards are made of heavyweight paper and measure 8.5"L x 5.5"W.

Exclusive Personalized What's She Thinking Game

Exclusive Personalized What's She Thinking Game

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